Volatyl Framework Update 1.4.4

This is update is simply to making Volatyl a cleaner program. Part of what you paid for when you purchased Volatyl was its upkeep and that’s what you’re getting here.

Version 1.4.4 is all about code refactoring, keeping with the trends of other recent updates. This time around, “front-facing” core files get a little cleaner with the use of conditional tags much like what you would find in WordPress core.

For example, each Volatyl option changes something about the way the framework behaves and in order to build child themes with precision, you have to understand the state of many of those options. That means retrieving options from the database and comparing them to possible values in order to determine how to proceed with your customization.

New in 1.4.4, each option has been placed in an easy-to-use conditional tag that can be used in conditional statements without much effort. Here’s a new conditional tag that will most likely get the most use from child theme developers:

vol_is_full_width() – returns true if the “Wide (100%) HTML Structure” option is checked and false if it is not checked.

With this in place, a child theme developer could easily build content in the vol_headliner() and structure the HTML in two possible scenarios based on the returned value of the vol_is_full_width() conditional.

See a list of all the new helper functions here.

If you have any issues with the upgrade, visit the support forums and start a new thread.

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