Hello. I'm the

Affordable Framework for WordPress.

Call me Volatyl. I'm fully responsive, very well-documented, extremely flexible, and I support simple child themes. I make building unique WordPress themes an easy task.

Volatyl - A Simple WordPress Framework

Individual Page/Post Controls, Hooks Interface, Powerful Settings

Use Volatyl to fully customize the HTML structure and content placement on your WordPress site.

Volatyl Content Settings

A True WordPress Framework. No Fluff.

WordPress frameworks are meant to be code libraries that put the power of WordPress at your fingertips. Therefore, Volatyl focuses on HTML structure and content placement. Designers take over from there. Got CSS? Go custom.

Volatyl Menus

Before Looking at All of the Features, Let's Answer Some Questions.

We'll get to the price, the awesome features, and a few screenshots as soon as you are familiar with Volatyl's purpose.

Who created the Volatyl Framework?

Volatyl is an SDavis Media project created by Sean Davis and inspired by the multiple repeat requests of past clients.

Who exactly was Volatyl created for?

Volatyl was created for WordPress developers and designers. If you build websites with WordPress or create custom themes, Volatyl is designed to assist you.

Does Volatyl have SEO options?

No. There's a possibility you won't use Volatyl forever. When you switch themes, SEO settings shouldn't be lost. Volatyl leaves room for plugin developers to do their jobs.

How exactly do I customize Volatyl?

Volatyl supports child themes. Customizations are kept separate from the framework so upgrading the framework doesn't override any custom changes you've made.

Does Volatyl have any layout options?

Absolutely. Without writing any code, you can easily control the site-wide, single Post, and single Page layouts. You can also toggle between page-width and full-width HTML.

I don't "code." Is Volatyl for me?

Are you ready to learn the basics? Volatyl is not a tool for hand-holding. It is designed for those who want to understand their WordPress websites but still have leverage.

When I purchase Volatyl, what do I get?

You get instant access to the Volatyl framework, a license key for 1-click WordPress dashboard updates, basic theme support, and the freedom to create without restriction.

What's the coolest thing about Volatyl?

Volatyl's commitment to HTML structure and content separates it from other WordPress frameworks. With no design options, its dedication to simplicity stands out the most.

Ready to See What Volatyl Really Has to Offer?

Volatyl Framework Features