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    Let’s not complicate things here. SDavis Media LLC is owned and operated by me, Sean Davis. I won’t be speaking in third person here. I’m a friendly guy that loves to help people. I’m also a military veteran with a very low tolerance for nonsense. It’s a great mix if you ask me. 🙂

    SDavis Media Support is where I will provide support for my many web projects, present and future. If you support more than one of my projects, there’s no reason for you to register to multiple support forums. I’m all about “one and done.” No project-specific forums are restricted based on your membership so you are free to check out the discussion for other projects and ask presale questions.

    Because I like to keep things simple, I’m going to go over the rules of the forum here and now. The goal is to keep the forums focused on helping you get the most out of your purchases. It’s a collective effort as we can all learn something new each day. To facilitate that process, let’s go over a few guidelines for the forums.

    Forum Rules & Regulations


    In no way, shape, or form will there be any trolling, drama-starting, or fighting in the forums. Everyone here should be grown enough to understand how to behave themselves on a public forum. If you have issues with someone, send them a Private Message to discuss the issue… or let it go. I would also prefer than you not “tell on someone” to me either. If a member needs to be reported for horrible behavior, I’m all ears. Don’t tell me that someone rubs you the wrong way, though.

    There are no set number of strikes you can have here. Plain and simple, I just need you to behave. If you do something that calls for the ban-stick, you’ll get it. If you just need a warning, you’ll get that too. It will always be based on your actions, though. So keep it clean and there won’t be any issues.


    Keep it real in the forums. You’re not here to market your business. You’re here for support or development of SDavis Media related projects. Sure, that means you will share links, place links in your signature, reference your own material when necessary… got it. I don’t mind that at all. But these are not the Warrior Forums. Do not post sales pages in the threads. I’ll ban you just like that.

    If you didn’t catch the part about signatures, yes, you are allowed to place links in your signature… with tact.

    Do not share content in the forums that should not be shared… like the contents of paid products. Give credit where it’s due when using someone else’s content. Likewise, post links to the true source of materials that you’d wish to share. Do not share content yourself that was meant to be distributed in a different manner. You all know what I’m getting at here.

    Forums and Threads:

    Follow the conversation before posting. Be sure you understand what is being said and what has already been said before you participate.

    If the thread is super long, that’s fine. Just be sure to search before you ask. We are all here to help. But flooding the forums with multiple threads that say the same thing makes it harder for other members to find what they need.

    Do not post multiple threads on the same subject. It will not get you assistance any faster.

    Wait at least 24 hours to “bump” your thread if there are no replies. Also, be kind with your comment when you bump the thread. Otherwise, you’re asking to be ignored, if you know what I mean.

    Do not post offensive content. By “offensive,” I mean offensive to others. In other words, take the views of others into consideration before you post. Everyone’s morals and ethics are different. Just be mindful of those differences before you post. Absolutely do NOT talk about race, religion, or politics in this forum. They can all be discussed in a civilized manner, I know. But it never seems to work that way, for some reason. :rolleyes:


    I call the final shot here. If there are moderators in the forums, they are on my team and they call shots as well. That’s it. Respect the rules and we will leave you alone! If a moderator is misbehaving, send me a Private Message and I’ll look into the matter. Do not troll my moderators, though.

    That’s about it, folks. I have many years of experience with managing forums and I seriously doubt that these forums will ever be as bad as what I’ve mentioned above. So there’s no need to go any further. I’ll add to the rules in the future if necessary, so check back frequently.

    Happy posting. 😎

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