Volatyl Framework Update 1.4

This update applies to both Volatyl and Volatyl for EDD.

This update brings quite a few changes to the Volatyl codebase. It’s one of the biggest updates since first release. However, many of the changes will not be noticeable from the front-end or in the dashboard.

The majority of the changes involve how the core code is written and how the files are structured. If you’re a child theme developer, this will be a significant update to you as you will want to make sure your child theme files (in the future) are the updated ones.

Your current child themes will be fine.

Summary of Changes Made for Volatyl 1.4

New: Hook Selector added to the Hooks Options screen that allows you to easily skip to the hook you’d like to edit without having to scroll the page.

Tweaked: Core code escaping from PHP to HTML has been changed. Most of Volatyl was output using echo up until this point. That has been changed in an effort to help advanced users understand the code structure.
Tweaked: All conditionals were given explicit start and end points. Likewise, curly brackets if (foo) { bar } are being used instead of long version if (foo) : bar endif;.
Tweaked: Theme options file structure has been adjusted to better modularize the settings tabs in the codebase. Each tab now has its own file required from the theme-options.php file which has been significantly reduced in length and is much easier to understand and interact with now.
Tweaked: The individual hooks, which were originally wrapped in massive amounts of conditional logic, have been moved deeper into the file structure and wrapped in their own functions, which are now all you will see in the template files. This cleans up the template files and reduces the amount of code necessary for outputting a hook down to just one line of code.

Removed: $tab3, $tab6, and $tab9 are no longer used in any theme files. The variables are still set for backwards compatibility but child theme authors need to start the process of removing them from their files if they were being used.

While the list of changes is not very long, almost every single Volatyl core file as affected making this update’s footprint very large. The above changes include 44 changed files with 2,740 additions and 2,283 deletions.

As usual, do a backup before updating and create a thread in the support forums if you have any questions or issues.

A Message to Developers

Previously, Volatyl and Volatyl for EDD have been a one-man show. Both versions of Volatyl have a private repo on GitHub that has been used specifically for version control. However, I’d like to start the process of changing that.

If you would like access to the Volatyl repos, please drop me a line so we can make it happen. I’d love to start getting feedback from more advanced users who’d enjoy getting involved with the development of Volatyl.

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