Using Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads, or EDD, is “the world’s easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress – for free.”

Sure, that’s their claim. That doesn’t make it any less obvious, though. EDD makes it extremely simple to sell digital products without having to integrate multiple services into WordPress.

Volatyl Themes itself uses EDD to sell the Volatyl Framework as well as other items.

Volatyl for Easy Digital Downloads

Because EDD is so great, a separate version of the Volatyl Framework has been created specifically for using with EDD.

Though built to be used with EDD, if you choose not to use it, no EDD features will be apparent and your Volatyl WordPress site still behaves exactly like the basic version of Volatyl.

In order to use with Volatyl for EDD, all you need to do is install the plugin and get started. That’s it.

EDD creates a Custom Post Type in WordPress called “Downloads” that behaves just like Posts and Pages. When you create new downloads, you’ll set pricing options, downloadable files, and any other details about your download.

Just like Posts and Pages, WordPress and Volatyl can now manage those Downloads to display them across your site, in widgets, and in even more flexible ways.

Volatyl’s Easy Digital Downloads Features

Volatyl for EDD simply creates predefined templates for things you can do with your downloads.

For example, almost all online stores have a Store Front.

Using the Store Front template takes absolutely no coding.

It’s created the same way you would use a Landing Page in Volatyl. Selecting the “Store Front” template when creating a new Page and publishing that Page will fetch, arrange, and display the Downloads for you.

Easy Digital Downloads Item

The same is true of individual Download pages. In fact, it’s even easier.

The Downloads have been given their own template that is automatically used when a Download is create. Content is displayed in a manner that highlights the downloadable item and its relevant information like so.

Also, there are generic Pages that are automatically created when you install EDD – Purchase History, Checkout, and Transaction Failed to name a few.

These Pages are normal WordPress Pages and can be left as-is. However, it is understood that you may want store related content to be kept completely separate from general site content. That ushers in the next feature.

Flexible Sidebars for Store Pages

As seen in the image above, there’s also a “Store Page” template that can be used on any generic Page created by EDD or that you’re creating for EDD.

All that this does is utilize a new set of sidebars that are built into Volatyl for EDD and are already the default sidebars for Download pages.

Easy Digital Downloads Sidebars

Using the Store Page template on the generic EDD Pages, you can use the sidebars you’ve built specifically to complement store related pages.

Custom Volatyl – EDD Filters

Volatyl itself is all about flexibility. Therefore, Volatyl for EDD needs to follow suit… and it does. Customize everything from shopping cart default text to the number of Downloads to show on the Store Front.

Check out the list of Volatyl for EDD filters with example, ready to plug-and-play code.

Overriding Sidebars

That’s not all, though. Just like with basic Volatyl, you can also override these sidebars on a page-by-page basis.

This means that every single page on your website, including all pages of your digital store and your Downloads, can have its own sidebar without writing a single line of code.

Comments on Downloads

Allow conversations to be held on your individual Download pages or turn them of… it’s your choice. Or, turn comments on for all Downloads and turn them off on a page-by-page basis just like WordPress Posts and Pages.

Using Easy Digital Downloads with Volatyl is a breeze. It’s just as flexible as Volatyl itself and is the perfect jumpstart to an online store.

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