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    Richard O’Brien

    I see there’s an extended license option. From memory this wasn’t in the initial release of Volatyl but I could be wrong?

    I seem to remember purchasing Volatyl and then Vibrant when that went live. But I can’t remember if this Extended license was there?

    Does an Extended license only apply to the current 3 skeletons or to future additions?


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    Hey, Rich.

    The license has been there since Volatyl was launched. So check your email history as the email you received after purchase should have your license key in it if your license isn’t activated right now. And if that’s the case, you have missed some really critical updates. One update that you will need to pay very close attention to has some steps you’d need to take outlined here. It’s really easy and only takes 2 minutes but still…

    The terms “Basic” and “Extended” don’t have anything to do with the license. Basic simply means you’re buying just Volatyl. Extended means you’re buying Volatyl with 3 skeletons. Likewise, the license doesn’t have anything to do with the skeletons. The license does nothing more than what is mentioned in the site copy… allow for automatic updates.

    Everything you have purchased, both Volatyl and any skeletons, is your for life along with upgrades. Volatyl updates through the dashboard (though you can go to the members area and manually grab a fresh copy at any time) and the skeletons come as-is. In the members area, you can always download the latest version of a skeleton but the only difference in the versions will be changes made to the skeletons to keep up with changes made to Volatyl. So that means they may not even change if Volatyl doesn’t require that of them.


    Richard O’Brien

    I understand the licensing that came with my original purchase and have my license and version up to date.

    I’m asking if the Extended License on the pricing page is a new purchasing option.

    On launch there was no other skeleton’s available only the Volatyl Framework …. hold on…..


    I’ve answered my own question here…

    It’s new


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    Correct, it’s newer than the framework itself. And in 3 months, there will be newer items and pricing plans on Volatyl Themes than there are today.

    The extended package applies to the current three skeletons as stated on the purchasing option. When I release more in the future, I will devise a new way of making purchases and its terms will be stated clearly as well. Those changes will happen for as long as Volatyl Themes exists… as expected.

    And again, it’s not an “extended license.” The Volatyl Framework comes with the same exact license every single time no matter the combination of items purchased.


    Richard O’Brien

    great, thanks for the info.

    If your taking suggestions….

    If I had the option of paying $## originally to get the framework and ‘to be released’ skeletons (similar to what Chris did with Thesis 2) I’d probably have gone with that option.

    Or even a membership option that gives me various degrees of goodness.

    But otherwise I’m pretty happy. Volatyl is very good value at $37 and skeletons at $17 is also a pretty sweet deal when you add to level of support you give.

    I ain’t bitchin’ here I just letting you know that when I got the SDMedia mail about discounts I naturally went to the pricing page to see what was on offer.

    I hope to see this framework get more success for you in the future.


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    Thanks, man! There’s absolutely no doubt about it that the option you speak of is coming. It’s been the plan since I first thought of making skeletons. Here’s what I have in mind.

    When there are 10 skeletons created, I’ll release a third pricing option that charges a one-time fee for all current and future Volatyl items. So that will definitely include the framework, all current skeletons, and any others I make in the future.

    The reason it doesn’t exist yet is because of pricing. With only 3 skeletons, I can only ask for so much. If I ask for more, with a promise attached to it that people will eventually get value out of their purchase… well… I’m sure we’d agree that’s not the best way to go.

    So after releasing Vibrant, I decided that at the 3-skeleton mark, I’d make the extended option. Then at 10, I’d make the lifetime, all inclusive member option. The real question is what am I going to do between 4 and 9 skeletons!

    Most likely, I will be shifting the extended plan to “any 3 skeletons” until I reach 10. Then, extended will remain as any 3 and the new option (probably called “Premium”) will be for everything.

    What do you think?


    Richard O’Brien

    Framework + 3 Skeletons = $## is certainly great value

    Framework + Unlimited = ~$## – $### does also sound appealing

    As long as original framework customers prior to ‘extended’, ‘premium’ direction are considered.

    Take this example…

    The extended bundle is no good to me as I have the framework. Any future bundles are also null and void because I don’t need the framework.

    You need a bundle that caters to those that purchase the Framework but might also want a skeleton pack in the future but not neccessarily premium membership.

    I know it’s a bespoke situation but it is one you created if you catch my drift.


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    The only people that should be considered here are the ones like you who bought the framework before everything else existed. I agree with that… not because it’s necessary but simply because I agree.

    Does there have to be a package for just the skeletons? Most definitely not. If a person has all of the options and chooses to neglect them until a later date, they should miss the advantage. That’s the point of making it a package. If a discount is issued for, say, 3 skeletons without the framework and reduced from $51 ($17 x 3) to $40 (what they technically cost in the extended package), then what that means is the skeletons cost $13.33 as long as you buy them in 3s… just $3 over the price of the framework. There’s absolutely no reason to have packages then.

    Pricing structures shouldn’t be built to be fair to the customer… because who defines fair? They should be built to deliver value at a price and the option of getting more value for your dollar if you take advantage of an opportunity (which is something I choose to offer… it doesn’t even have to exist). Taking advantage of a package deal is the customer’s choice… always. If they choose not to take advantage, they pay for it.

    Again, I’m not talking about people in your category. The options simply didn’t exist for you. While your group is still not entitled to anything, it’s definitely something I wouldn’t mind considering. So if you speak for your group, I agree by virtue… not by necessity.

    As for future purchasers of just the framework, I will discount skeletons in bulk but not just 3 of them. At the very minimum, it will probably be 5. I owe them nothing for buying just the framework. THEY created that situation… not me.


    Richard O’Brien

    again, i’m not whinging here…

    you put a proposal out there for comment.

    i know why i bought the framework minus any skeletons. i know why i invested in a skeleton when it was released.

    i’m 100% certain you’ve put an incredible amount of thought into the pricing and delivery milestones.

    i’m not looking for fairness or even transparency on your roadmap. i just thought that seeing your product/s are evolving and things are changing you’d like some feedback on how a customer on ‘whatever’ system sees, reads and thinks.

    i’m watching the apple tree grow and picking the apples i want. see something…go get it

    i think we’ll end this thread as it’s kinda separate from what this place should be used for.

    feel free to archive, delete etc if needs be…

    but you’ve a happy customer here not someone whinging over a few bucks. i certainly don’t expect a special category to be created for someone who happened to take a punt on a new framework.

    forward momentum and change is good. keep it up and long may it continue


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    No I definitely want the feedback. That’s what part of the forum is here for and I’ll never hide it or delete it. Your thoughts are important to me, for sure. I hope you don’t think I’m offended or defensive. I’m not. My military history just keeps me talking straight-forward that’s all. Don’t hesitate to provide feedback in the future. We may not agree on things but I’m 100% fine with that.


    Annie Anderson

    At some point, will there be an “upgrade” type option for those of us who bought in the early stages (when the next price level arrives)?


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    You mean like if I offer an unlimited everything package and those current customers want to take advantage of that? There most definitely will be.

    I will never put a customer in a position where they have to pay for the same thing twice. So if Volatyl is already purchase (which would be the Basic package) or if Volatyl and 3 skeletons are already purchased (which would be the Extended package), I’ll be developing plans to move from one of those levels to the premium, unlimited level. What I won’t do is make an upgrade package to go from just Volatyl Basic to Extended UNLESS you purchased Volatyl Basic before Extended existed, like Rich.

    With all of this being said, though, I’m considering scrapping the packages anyway. I don’t think I’ll be able to express what they truly are in a way that everyone will understand. So I am heavily considering keeping all items completely separate for individual purchase and at the most, creating a package that gives unlimited access to everything.

    If I do make all purchases individual, I will provide VOLUME discounts. “Buy X number of items and get 20% off”

    This will actually be happening soon because this thread is not the type of conversation I’d like to have often and since I created the forum for discussion about pricing, I’ll go ahead and clean it up.


    Richard O’Brien

    I gotta say I like the unlimited option.

    here’s to a new roadmap….



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    Nice! That’s awesome haha.

    Thanks for the motivation. You showed me some holes in my logic and intent and it’s best to get it all combed out early.

    I went ahead and scrapped the Extended package today to go along with the price increase I’ve been talking about for the last week or so to go with the 30% discount I was running. Up next is actually another version of Volatyl that will integrate seamlessly with the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin to create online stores.

    When that comes out, there will be two separate versions of Volatyl that will both behave the same as a blog but the more expensive one will have additional e-commerce features.

    There will be an upgrade bridge between these two but it will take some time as I have to decide how I want to handle the skeletons and whether or not they should be adjusted to the e-commerce version of Volatyl. Tough decision but we’ll see!


    Richard O’Brien

    I see the EDD version is out.

    Any info on how to get upgraded or is it just a case of purchasing the full V + EDD Framework?

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