Custom Standard Menus and Header Height

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    Alaina Wermers

    I want to preface this by saying that I am a beginner at PHP and beginner-intermediate at HTML/CSS (although I am a quick learner…).

    I am creating a child theme for my organization, and there are some tweaks I would like to make, but I am not sure how.
    First, I would like to make the standard menu different for each page. For instance, for Community Services and all its children, I would like a menu specific to that department.
    I’m guessing there is a way to do this through PHP, but I can’t figure it out.

    Second, I would like to change the size of the header, but when I have done it through CSS I get an error message that the header has already been set through pluggable.php in the parent theme. I was hoping to shorten the height a bit. However, if I do above what I’m hoping to with the standard menu, then this won’t be a problem.

    Here is the website for reference:

    I realize I may be asking too much and getting myself in over my head, so please let me know if that’s the case!



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    Hi, Aliana! It looks like I need to fix my forum’s homepage. It’s not updating properly and I completely missed your post. I apologize!

    As for the separate menus by page, yes that is PHP and no it is not something super simple for a beginner. While the logic is fairly simple (if this page, show this menu, if that page, show that menu), the menus in WordPress aren’t really designed to work that way so there’s no easy way to do it unless you know PHP.

    For something like that, you wouldn’t want to use a theme that wasn’t built for it. In fact, I don’t know of any themes that are built to behave that way. That’s more of a custom need and creating your own theme that can do it is certainly your best bet considering you can start from scratch. Is there a reason why these links need to be in the standard menu? Are you against using a hook and writing conditionals that display different links based on which page is being display? Let me know.

    As for the header size, that’s not an error you should get from writing CSS in your CSS file. So what you say “change the size of the header,” what exactly do you mean? Are we talking about your logo? If not, what HTML element specifically? I can certainly help with this but I need you to be extremely specific if we’re talking CSS.

    Looking forward to your response!


    Alaina Wermers

    Hey Sean,

    Sorry for the late response! Holidays and whatnot have been crazy. Anyways…

    So I was inspired by this website:
    Granted, this isn’t based on WordPress and the layout is different; the menu that changes is in the agency div.

    I’d like to have static items in the header (or standard) menu and have a menu that changes depending on the department page. Is there a way to do this simply with hooks? The one thing I’m worried about is when I leave (I’m in AmeriCorps so I leave in August), I want the site to be sustainable for the city, so if this would require someone who comes after me to be able to update the code; it might not be the best option and I’ll look into something else for them.
    This was one solution I came up with using the Themify Builder:

    For the header height; I would like to decrease it as there seems to be a big gap between the bottom of the header and the menu items. I would like to edit the height of the header-area div.

    Let me know if that makes more sense!

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


    Alaina Wermers

    I think I semi-found the solution in this thread: although it’s way over my current skill level. I might just have to stick with an easier solution.

    Let me know what you think!


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    Hi, Alaina.

    This definitely takes a little understanding of code. I do remember the thread you linked. I’m not sure if that member worked the issue out but I’m sure you saw my suggestions.

    The thing with Volatyl is it’s for the slightly advanced user or person specifically trying to learn. While Volatyl is ready to do absolutely everything that can be done with WordPress, it’s not intended to do all of that for you… just give you a nice starting point.

    So if someone else may have to maintain the site or you’re not comfortable with slightly advanced code, a simpler solution may very well be better. Because whether you realize it or not, we’re not actually discussing Volatyl’s capabilities in this thread. We’re just talking about WordPress and PHP. You just happen to be using Volatyl. Does that make sense?

    As for the header spacing issues, just a little CSS will do.

    .site-header img {
        vertical-align: text-bottom;
    .site-title {
        margin-bottom: 0;
    .site-header.inner {
        padding-bottom: 0;

    That should tighten everything up for you!

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