Starter Child Theme Download

If you’re here, you probably already understand child themes. They should always be used to customize Volatyl.

You’re probably ready to get started building your own child theme. Whether you want to create your own custom websites or you want to build a business around Volatyl, creating child themes will come in handy.

Check out the guide for building Volatyl child themes if you’d like to start from scratch. Otherwise, try this minimal starter child theme for free.

You need to be a Volatyl Themes user to download this child theme. If you have purchased Volatyl, be sure to login before attempting to download.

Starter Child Theme Demo

If you’re using Volatyl for Easy Digital Downloads, you’ll want this one.

The install process is just like any other theme. All you need to do is have the correct version of the Volatyl Framework installed already when you activate the child theme.

If you don’t already have Volatyl, get on it!

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