Beautiful Websites Built with the Volatyl Framework

Volatyl is a semi-blank canvas for designers and no design options are provided. The results are simply unique and inspiring.

College Info Geek - Thomas Frank

College Info Geek - Thomas Frank

Designed and developed by Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme, College Info Geek is a perfect example of how Volatyl's flexibility is great for customization. Thomas and Martin took full advantage of that freedom to customize.

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Build WordPress Yourself

Build WordPress Yourself - SDavis Media

Build WordPress Yourself is a big and bold example of Volatyl making use of the Vibrant child theme skeleton. In true Volatyl fashion, Build WordPress Yourself sports a custom home page and custom sidebars throughout.

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Online Business Geeks - Alex Blythe

Online Business Geeks - Alex Blythe

Online Business Geeks is another example of bold creativity. Built from scratch with Volatyl, Online Business Geeks' design is all about size, contrast, and the use of an action color. Alex's custom home page sets the pace.

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