Edit “More Tag” Link

What is often referred to as the “more tag” (or “more link”) is a link that displays at the end of a truncated post telling the visitor to “Read More.”

It is important to understand the difference between the more tag and the link that displays after your excerpts if you have selected that option. They are not the same.

The more tag is used when you are creating a post. It is a button that displays on your visual editor next to the spell check button.

Where you press this button and insert the more tag into your content is where the content will be truncated on the blog home and any other feed that displays full posts.

To customize this link, you need to use a Volatyl filter called more_link_text. Here’s how it’s done. Add the following code to your child theme’s functions.php file:

// Change more tag link text
function more_tag_link( $more_link ) {
	$more_link = "Continue reading →";
	return $more_link;
add_filter( 'more_link_text', 'more_tag_link' );

Simply adjust the Continue reading → to whatever you’d like. It will automatically be linked to the article for you.

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