Logo Uploader

The logo uploader is pretty basic and should be very familiar to you. It uses the built-in media uploader that comes with WordPress.

To upload a logo, go to Dashboard => Appearance => Volatyl Options => Content (tab) => Logo Uploader.

There, click the “Upload Logo” button and you’ll see a lightbox with plenty of options. You can upload an image form your computer, paste the URL of an image that is already hosted on a server, or use an image that is already in your media library.

Once you have your logo uploaded, scroll to the bottom of lightbox and select “Use my sweet new logo!”

None of the additional fields, like “Title,” “Alternate Text,” etc. will matter for your logo. The only thing that matters is the image URL and you don’t set that.

The image you upload will replace your site title.

Based on HTML standards. Every image needs to have an alt attribute. This is not the alternate text I told you to ignore above. Instead, it’s your site title as entered in Dashboard => Settings => General => Site Title.

When the logo replaces your text title, it is still be controlled by the Site Title option.

Once uploaded, it is automatically save and updated. To confirm, a preview of your sweet new logo will appear beneath the logo uploader.

When you uploaded the logo and the logo preview appeared, along with it came a “Delete Logo” button.

To remove your logo, go to Dashboard => Appearance => Volatyl Options => Content (tab) => Logo Uploader and click that button.

Immediately, your logo will disappear from the preview, the “Delete Logo” button will disappear, and your site title (text) will once again display in your header.

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