Liners – Headliner, Footliner, & Custom

“Liner” is just a fun little name for a block-level HTML element on your Volatyl website.

There are two main liners you will continuously hear about:

  • Headliner – displays below header and below Standard Menu (if the menu is activated)
  • Footliner – display above footer and above Footer Menu (if the menu is activated)

These liners are special because they adjust to your site structure by default. You can toggle between a full-width structure and a page-width structure without breaking anything.

Likewise, these liners are built into Hooks. So, you can add content to them directly from your dashboard by going to Dashboard => Appearance => Volatyl Options => Hooks (tab) => Headliner (or Footliner).

Volatyl Developers

Though the Headliner and Footliner are built into the Volatyl structure, you can create your own liners anytime you want. It’s simple.

If you are creating a liner, chances are you’re building a custom layout. Once you’re set up to do so, it’s pretty easy to do.

Follow the appropriate HTML structure patterns based on your site HTML structure, full-width or page-width.

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