Content and Sidebar Structure

There are seven built-in site layouts for you to choose from.

  • One content column with no sidebars
  • One content column with two sidebars below – both spanning 50% of the horizontal width of your main content area.
  • Content column left with sidebar column right
  • Sidebar column left with content column right
  • Content column left with two sidebar columns right
  • Sidebar column left with content column middle and another sidebar column right
  • Two sidebar columns left with content column right

You can control the layout of your website in two different places.

Default Site Layout

To set the default layout of your entire site, go to Dashboard => Appearance => Volatyl Options => Structure Settings => Content and Sidebar Structure.

Singular Layout

“Singular” is how WordPress refers to Pages, Posts, and attachment pages. Don’t worry about attachments for now.

On both Edit Page and Edit Post pages, there’s a nifty little box displayed below your text editor called “Volatyl Quick Settings.” There, you can select a different column layout to be used on that page or post specifically.

If you do not select an option, your entry will use the site’s default layout. At any time, you can switch from a custom layout back to the site default.

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