Volatyl is Clean and Ready for Customization Right Out of the Box

As a WordPress framework, Volatyl's goal is not to style your site. Instead, Volatyl aims to structure your HTML foundation.

Volatyl Framework for WordPress

Volatyl is a Semi-blank Canvas.

Volatyl isn't the least bit intrusive. It stays behind the scenes handling the dirty work for you. The front-end, however, is your playground. Volatyl stays away from design and lets you create websites with your own unique touch. Got CSS?

Volatyl Widgetized Footer

7 Responsive Layouts With Your Choice of HTML Structure

In need of a 3-column, full-width design, mobile-ready website? If you can select two options, you can have it.

Volatyl Global Options

Volatyl is extremely flexible.

Responsive? Yup. The ability to display seven different layout structures for full site, posts, and pages? Indeed. Built-in Landing Page and Squeeze Page templates? Of course. Unlimited unique sidebars per post or page? Wow.

Volatyl Layout Options

Easily Add Menus, Activate Pagination, Add a Logo, and More

Volatyl handles the most common structure customization tasks. Save time by checking a box instead of writing code.

Volatyl Content Settings

Take complete control of your website.

Every element of your website should be flexible. After you've decided on an HTML structure, go even further with your content structure. Display, hide, or alter your static content with simple checkboxes and easy-to-use filters.

Volatyl Menus

Customize With Built-in Hooks... Only Where You Want Them

Hooks can be turned on and off or hidden based on page without writing any PHP conditionals... unless you want to.

Volatyl Hooks

Customize content with built-in hooks.

Use the hooks interface or write your own custom PHP functions and add them to hook locations. Either way, you have incredible control over how they're displayed on your homepage, posts, pages, search results, and more.

Volatyl Custom Hooks

Volatyl Supports Child Themes for Maximum Customization

Updating Volatyl is a seamless process as your customizations are always protected in a child theme.

Volatyl Child Themes

Build a great website or a great business.

Creating a child theme is easy. There, you can customize your site to look however you'd like, your client likes, or your customers like. ;) VolatylThemes.com itself is a simple child theme built on the very framework it promotes.

Volatyl Child Theme

Using Volatyl is a Hassle-Free and Rewarding Experience

Enjoy one-click updates, translation capabilities, customization flexibility, support forums, and tons more.

Automatic, one-click updates

Update Volatyl from your dashboard.

When you purchase Volatyl, you will receive a license key. That license key connects you to the Volatyl updates through your WordPress dashboard. No FTP. No Hassle. Just do a backup, click the update link, and have a cup of tea.

Built-in Page Templates

Build with custom page templates.

The key to fully customizing your website is in the page templates. While Volatyl has 7 different layout options for the full site as well as individual posts and pages, the Custom Layout template is your blank canvas.

Translation Ready

Volatyl is ready for translation.

Chances are you don't plan on publishing in Pig Latin. However, Volatyl is ready to publish in the language you choose. The core content has been meticulously coded to translate content where necessary.

Volatyl Support

Support & Documentation are top-notch.

The most important feature of Volatyl is support for its functionality and development. Help Volatyl grow into the perfect framework for your needs by providing feedback, addressing issues, and helping others.

Seen enough? Checkout out Volatyl's payment options.

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