Child Theme Skeletons

The Volatyl Framework was created to make life easier. Whether you’re a freelance web designer or a do-it-yourself WordPress user looking to get more out of your website, Volatyl’s focus is to give you leverage and save you time.

It doesn’t stop with Volatyl, though. Child theme development, particularly writing CSS, can be just as time-consuming as writing the same functions over and over again. Why not adopt the same philosophies that birthed the Volatyl Framework and use them for child themes as well?

Introducing Child Theme Skeletons

Child theme skeletons are properly structured child themes that are ready to be installed over the Volatyl Framework. They consist mainly of CSS edits and template modifications that change the structure underlying HTML.

Usage Details

Child Theme Skeletons only require one transaction. Once you download a skeleton, you will have access to its updated versions for life.

Volatyl Themes Responsibilities

Each Child Theme Skeleton has its own version number serving no purpose other than tracking changes.

Every time a new version of the Volatyl Framework is released, Child Theme Skeletons will be tested against the framework changes. If the framework changes require the skeletons to be updated, they will be.

At any point, you may come back to the members area and download the latest version of the skeletons you’ve downloaded.

Of course, because they are mainly CSS frames, it is never necessary for you to re-download. You can simply edit the copy you have saved to your computer. However, downloading the latest version may be an easier option.

Your Responsibilities

The idea is for you to download a skeleton and save a “default” copy to your computer. Then, when you want to build a child theme based on that skeleton, you simply make a copy of the folder and develop with that copy as your starting point.

You can even spend a little time adjusting the skeleton to create your own skeleton for personal use.

While you may not resell Volatyl-made Child Theme Skeletons, you can create your own and sell them alongside your child themes.

The goal is to restructure the framework before design development. It’s simple.

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