Adding Additional Menus

Volatyl comes with only one menu registered by default. That’s the Header Menu. However, there are two more built-in menus that you can activate (and deactivate) whenever you’d like:

  • Standard Menu – displays below site header – unlimited drop-downs
  • Footer Menu – displays above site footer – unlimited drop-downs

To toggle the registration of these menus, go to Dashboard => Appearance => Volatyl Options => Content (tab) => Content Settings => Activate Additional Menus.

If a menu is not activated, it will not appear in the “Theme Locations” section of the Menus screen. For it to appear, you must select and save this options first. That way, if you do not use one of these menus, no trace of it existing will appear in any other area of your dashboard.

Once your additional menus are activated, go to Dashboard => Appearance => Menus to add links to your menus.

  1. Create a new menu(s) and save your menu(s).
  2. Under the “Theme Locations” section, use the drop-downs to select the name(s) of the menu(s) you just created in step 1.
  3. Save your selections.
  4. Use the sections beneath “Theme Locations” to add items to your new menu(s).

Though these menus support multiple drop-downs, it’s best to stay at three levels deep or less based on the design of the menu items. CSS can be used to make room for more depth but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

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